Why Get Involved in the Revolution of Mobile Poker? Steps for Playing Poker on Your Mobile Phone

Choosing an Online Mobile Poker Site

Steps for Playing Poker on Your Mobile Phone

Learning how to play poker on your mobile smart phone is the first step towards enjoying your favorite games of chance whenever you want, wherever you are. With mobile poker, game enthusiasts can access applications whether they're on the train, in the park, or relaxing within their own home.

  1. Choose your Site
    The first step is picking the poker site that you want to play with. There are a number of websites and brands out there that offer mobile applications, and the one you choose will be down to personal preference.
  2. Create an Account
    Most poker applications or online poker websites for your mobile will require you to make an account in order to play. Simply click register, then enter your chosen username and password.
  3. Check for a Bonus
    Some poker sites will provide new players with a chance to make free money. For example, a first deposit bonus might double the amount of cash you deposit during your first transaction within the site. Check that you meet all the bonus requirements before you move forward.
  4. Make your Deposit
    Click the cashier option at the top of the page and fill out the form as directed. This will prompt you to register your preferred payment methods for depositing money.
  5. Play in Browser or open your App
    Most poker website swill allow you to play in your mobile browser without downloading an application, however it is possible to access the app if you prefer. If you choose to utilize the application, simply open it on your phone and check out the lobby to see the different games that you can play.
  6. Take a Seat
    Once you have money in your poker account, it'll be time to play a game. Simply select the game you want to join and the "seat open" button to get involved. You'll be asked how much you're going to buy in at, and this will take the amount out of your cashier and place it on the table. From then on, it's simply a matter of playing poker as you would on any online site.

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